Tan Kah Kee Scientific Research Vessel, Received A Collective Pledge from Alumni of Ocean

  • 2017/10/19
  • Campus News

Recently, alumni of Class of 1978 of the class of chemistry financed the clean analysis laboratory on Tan Kah Kee scientific research vessel.

Located on the main deck, the lab meets the special requirements of the vessel’s analysis experiments on cleaning environment, covering 19 square meters, mainly used for pre-processing and determination analysis of the chemical elements, like trace-metal, and biological clean sample. The air conditioning and the ventilating system of the lab are specially designed for filtration, which can effectively reduce pollution, achieving a cleanliness level of 100,000. After subscribing, the lab will be name after the willing of the alumni of Grade 1978 of thalassochemistry. Moreover, metal baking words with both Chinese and English name and signboard will be established and made for donors.

Ever since the design of the vessel, it has attracted extensive attention from all circles. Alumni, staff and students, enterprises, and social organizations all offered a hand. Tan Kah Kee scientific research vessel’s construction could not be achieved if it had been the kindness of the donors.

Up to now, the clean analysis laboratory is the second collective pledged area, before which is the conference room and leisure hall of the pubic area, pledged by the class of 1986 of marine organism.

Besides, main lab, electronic lab, universal lab, temperature lab, atmospheric research lab, data processing room, examination room, sample freezing room, sample springhouse, pilothouse, kitchen, dining room, and other space are also available for collective pledging. “The dream of the ocean never stops stepping forward, while the spirit of the scientific research is the impetus that encourages generation after generation. The kindness and the generosity will always be remembered”!