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Small Donations, Endless Love

Focusing on increasing engagement of our Alma mater and enhancing student development across the university, the Alumni Endeavor Scholarship upholds the idea of supporting the impoverished, promoting student development, appreciating the Alma mater and cultivating the people. Furthermore, as the saying goes, “every little helps a mickle”. Through this donation activity, we expect that it will improve the students’ qualities in all aspects, increase our alumni’s connection and cohesion, thus uplifting our annual giving rate and enlarging our social influence.


 Since its foundation in 2004, the Alumni Endeavor Scholarship has been vigorously supported by our alumni all around the world, which aroused strong echos in all groups of society. It is for the purpose of providing more convenient and various ways for alumni’s donation and enhancing their enthusiasm for participation that “Small Donations, Endless Love” 10-yuan Donation was born. With this fixed amount, every trickle makes a torrent. And we sincerely hope that our efforts could serve as a new belt between Xiamen University and her alumni and play as a new bridge for your caring heart!


The QR code for the “Small Donations, Endless Love” 10-yuan Donation