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Alumni Scholarship

An Introduction of the Alumni Endeavor Scholarship of XMU


1、Donation Aims:

to finance the poverty-stricken students; (2)to encourage students’ innovation and entrepreneurship; (3)to support students to join social practice; (4) to help students participate into voluntary labour;(5) to promote students’ international exchanges


2、Donation Amount:

(1)Personal donation starts with 10 yuan each time. Donors are free to choose the fixed amount of 10 yuan regulated by “ Micro-Raising with Macro-love ”or more than that according to their own will.  

 (2)If personal donation is 6600 yuan (which is the sum of one undergraduate’s tuition and dormitory fees) or over that each time, donors are given the opportunity to name this endeavor scholarship (Whether to use their own names or their families’ depends on their own will). Their raising will be use to aid one or more financially-underprivileged students. Our school will provide the donors with donation certifications.

 (3)For group donations of 35,000 yuan or more, group donors are given the opportunity to denominate the endeavor scholarship with the name of their local alumni associations, professional alumni associations, alumni association branches, alumni clubs, classes, dormitories and so on. Our school will collect the number of  donors in different alumni associations and show the annual donation rate, thus making awards.

3、Donation Time

Donations are welcome all the year. Once the donation arrives at our account, we will write it into our collection.

4、Donation Ways

There are numerous donation ways, such as paying through cash, Wechat or Alipay, and also Internet payment or bank payment. (see also the concrete account in http://edf.xmu.edu.cn/ ). Please designate your own information and your donation for  the Alumni Endeavor Scholarship of XMU.

The Alipay Account of Xiamen University Education Development Foundation is edf@xmu.edu.cn。


5、Donation Publication

All the names of the donors will be publicized on the official Wechat account: “厦大人”(XMUers), the website of Xiamen University Education Development Foundation and the website of the General Alumni Association of Xiamen University, and its publication:《Xiamen University Alumni Newsletter》


6、How to contact Xiamen University Education Development Foundation

See more donation programs on Xiamen University Education Development Foundation’s website.

Phone Number: 0592-2185511   E-mail Address: edf@xmu.edu.cn


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