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Intructions on Founding and Election Conferences of Local Alumni Associations


To establish and improve alumni associations, assist alumni and alumni associations in founding work and holding elections, the Xiamen University Alumni Association draws up the work instructions for preparatory committees of local associations.


I. Guiding Principles

The Xiamen University alumni associations aim to keep up with higher education reform in the new era, collect alumni information from different aspects, establish connections with alumni in multiple ways, integrate alumni resources through various channels, build up university’s image, promote its spirits and traditions, and to serve alumni, alma mater, society for common development.

II. Local alumni associations network and members

1. Local alumni associations

    Local alumni associations should be gragually established at different administrative levels. Domestic associations should be established at provincial, municipal and city levels respectively. Overseas associations should be established in countries and regions with abundant alumni resources. 

2. The name of local association: Xiamen University xx (place name) Alumni Association.

3. The constitution of the association

    An association council may be established. It should consist of members of the council and executive members of the council whose number should be determined by the alumni distribution in that region. The executive council should consist of president, vice president(s), general secretary and deputy general secretary(-ies), et al.

    The candidacy of members of the council should be based on the preparatory committees and be decided by including other famous alumni collected through various channels. The personnel constitution should meet the needs of activities and give full considerations to different industries and age brackets.

III. Major tasks of local alumni association preparatory committees

1. Collect alumni information;

2. Nominate members of the council;

3. Set the preliminary date for the founding conference;

4. Submit the nomination list, conference date and place to the Xiamen University Alumni Association;

5. Organize and hold the founding conference of the local alumni association.

IV. Additional Information

1. Local alumni associations can conduct activities in accordance with the Statutes of Xiamen University Alumni Association (download from the website of Xiamen University Alumni Association). Local alumni associations can draw up their own statutes which should be submitted for records at the Xiamen University Alumni Association.

2. The University Anniversary is April 4. Local alumni associations or preparatory committees can hold gatherings in their alma mater or organize anniversary activities in their own region.

3. Secretariat of Xiamen University Alumni Association: TEL: 0592-2182227, 2186555; FAX: 0592-2187222; E-mail: alumnixm@xum.edu.cn.


Secretariat of Xiamen University Alumni Association

December, 2012


I.Founding Conference Agenda of a Local Alumni Association of Xiamen University


II.The flow Diagram for Establishing a Local Alumni Association of Xiamen University

Founding Conference Agenda of a Local Alumni Association of Xiamen University

I. Time

II. Place

III. Master of Conference: the head of the preparatory committee

1. Introduce leaders, guests and representatives present at the conference;

2. The head of the preparatory committee gives a speech;

(1) Elaborate on the statutes of the alumni association;

(2) Brief on the work of the preparatory committee and announce council candidates;

(3) Vote on the candidates (council members, executive council members, president, vice president(s), general secretary(-ies), etc.) and on the Statutes of the Alumni Association;

(4) The elected president addresses the conference;

(5) The general director of Xiamen University Alumni Association addresses the conference;

(6) Some local goverment officers address the conference;

(7) Xiamen University leaders address the conference;

(8) The founding conference concludes and take photographs.

Note: this agenda is a reference for founding or election conferences of local alumni associations.

The flow Diagram for Establishing a Local Alumni Association of Xiamen University

(for reference)


1. Collect information (laison director, Xiamen University Alumni Association)

2. Choose members of the preparatory committee (laison director, Xiamen University Alumni Association)

3. Set up the preparatory committee (laison director, Xiamen University Alumni Association)

4. nominate members of the council (preparatory committee, Xiamen University Alumni Association)

5. hold founding conference (preparatory committee, Xiamen University Alumni Association)

6. Materials filing (Xiamen University Alumni Association, local alumni association)

Instructions on Alumni Information Inquiry


The following instructions are specially formulated to further standardize the query and use of alumni information, to ensure the alumni work can be carried out smoothly, and to safeguard the interests of alumni of Xiamen University. 

1. Alumni information is in principle only used for alumni affairs. No one shall be allowed to disclose alumni information (especially contact information). If the interests of alumni were severely harmed due to information leakage, the person in charge will be held accountable for their legal responsibility.

2. If any school/college/faculty/institution of Xiamen University needs alumni information, please contact the Secretariat directly. We will provide relevant information as appropriate. However, we do not provide contact information of alumni in principle. If necessary, we shall report to the Secretary-General for approval.

3. If students of Xiamen University need alumni information to participate in social practice and other activities, there must be justified reasons. Sealed approval of the College in written form is needed. The Secretariat shall proceed with reference to Article 2 above.

4. Concerning the inquiries from alumni into other alumni information, the Secretariat will firstly report to the alumni asked. If the alumni asked agree, the Secretariat will provide information needed.

5. For alumni asking for contact information of the local alumni association, the Secretariat shall directly inform the local alumni office telephone number, e-mail or contact information of the Secretary-General.

6. In the use of alumni information, if any information were found out of date or wrong, it should be promptly reported to the Department of Liaison of the Secretariat.

The regulations are interpreted by the Office of the Secretariat.


The Secretariat of the General Alumni Association (of Xiamen University)

March 4th, 2009

Xiamen University Graduate Information Collection Working System


To contact all graduated students and keep track of their achievements, Xiamen University decided to entail graduates’ information as part of “Xiamen University Student Leaving System” (hereinafter referred to as “Leaving System”). Each year after completing the formalities for graduation, the relevant departments and faculties should import the information of graduates into the “Leaving System”. Specific work system is elaborated as follows: 

1. The Basic Elements of Graduates’ Information

Graduates’ information mainly refers to the graduates’ learning experience, contact information, and so on. To learn more about contact information, please find the attached document “Xiamen University Graduate Information Summary Table”.

2. Responsibilities of Relevant Departments

2.1 Division of Student Affairs, Secretariat of the General Alumni Association are responsible for contacting with Information and Network Center, in terms of specific technical matters on the detailed graduate contact information. Information and Network Center should improve the "Leaving System" according to the needs of other departments;

2.2 Secretariat of the General Alumni Association is responsible for the maintenance and management of the graduates’ information;

2.3 Division of Student Affairs is responsible for data input of full-time graduates with dispatch card (including undergraduates, masters, PhDs and ethnic minority students of entrusted training) in the “Leaving System”;

2.4 Graduate School is responsible for data input of on-the-job graduate students (one certificate only) into the “Leaving System”;

2.5 The college is responsible for data input of full-time graduates without dispatch card (including undergraduates, masters, PhDs and overseas students) into the “Leaving System”.

3. Provisions of the Use of Graduate Information

3.1 Division of Student Affairs, Graduate School, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and Secretariat of the General Alumni Association can use graduate information in the “Leaving System” according to the needs of the department;

3.2 In the process of information collection and use, the relevant departments should ensure the security of graduate information, safeguarding the interests of students.

Working System of Grade Liaison Officers for Graduates of Xiamen University


First, the selection of liaison officers in graduating classes

1. Selection Methods:

Colleges should select candidates from graduates (including undergraduates, masters, and PhDs) through democratic recommendation, open selection and discussion.

2. Selection Criteria:

2.1 Willing to provide services for students;

2.2 Actively participating in university, college or class activities, playing an active role in the activities;

2.3 Possessing strong organizational skills, affinity and great charisma in class.

3. Selection number:

1-3 liaison officer recommended per class: 1 liaison officer for classes within 30 students; 2 liaison officers for classes between 30 and 60 students; 3 liaison officers for classes with more than 60 students.

4. Implementation Steps:

4.1 The college should select liaison officers in accordance with the selection criteria and the number of requests;

4.2 The college should send the information of the selected grade liaison officer to Secretariat of the General Alumni Association for record;

4.3 The university should hold a general assembly for grade liaison officers; letters of appointment will be issued to each grade liaison officer;

4.4 Grade liaison officer should download “Xiamen University Alumni Information Registration Form” at the General Alumni Association homepage. After filling in the detailed information, the grade liaison officer should send the form back to the General Alumni Association E-mail: alumnixm@xmu.edu.cn.


Second, the rights and obligations of the grade liaison officers:

1. Rights

1.1 Priority to obtain relevant publications and information of the General Alumni Association;

1.2 Opportunity to participate in the selection of “excellent liaison officers of Xiamen University”;

1.3 May be recommended by General Alumni Association with priority. After graduation, the grade liaison officers could become alumni Council candidate in his/her region.

2. Obligations

2.1 Responsible for issuing General Alumni Association of Xiamen University graduation card to other students;

2.2 Responsible for collecting contact information of the class, assisting the university to track alumni information, updating the class address book once a year, and sending feedback to the General Alumni Association in electronic format.

3. Forward “Xiamen University Alumni Newsletter” e-magazine and alma mater activities information to fellow students; send feedback on alumni needs to the university;

4. Promote contact among alumni and conversation between alumni and the alma mater; timely provide dynamic information and outstanding achievements to the General Alumni Association;

5. Help to promote the General Alumni Association website: http://alumni.xmu.edu.cn.