Twenty Years Reunion--Alumni of Grade 1992 of Architecture returned to Alma Mater

  • 2017/10/19
  • Campus News

On June 18, 2016, alumni of Grade 1992 of architecture of School of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SACE) returned to their alma mater, XMU. Wang Shaosen, Dean of SACE, Li Lixin, Deputy Dean of SACE, Liu Mei, Secretary of SACE’s Communist Party, Huang Yuxia, and Huang Mingwei, Vice Secretaries of SACE’s Communist Party, Zhang Yanlai, Vice Director of the Department of Architecture, and the counselor of Grade 1992 of architecture, Xiahou Jiabin, Director of XMU’s Students’ Affairs Division, Xu Wencai, the head teacher, Huang Ren, the teacher of the design class (retired), Huang Mofei(transferred), Tang Hongliu, associate professor of Department of Architecture, Yang Zhe, associate professor of the Department of Urban Planning, and nearly 40 schoolfellows of Grade 1992 of architecture reunited at Zeng Chengkui Building to recalled the good time when they were in school.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, students and teachers arrived at the meeting place. They were all excited about the reunion after so many years. Sitting around the teachers, they remembered the school days and sharing their experiences after they left school.

The party kicked off with the address of Wang Shaosen. First, on behalf of SACE, he extended the warm welcome, and shared his feelings about the past twenty years based on three to do’s theory, that is to feel, to ponder, to experience. Next, he gave an introduction about the changes of SACE in recent years, which alumni were all proud of and delightful to.

Wang Shaosen also gave a delivery about the trend of the architectural design as alumni wished to go back to classroom. He made an analysis from three perspectives: diversified thinking, multidimensional space, and multidirectional logic, along with appropriate cases for reasoning, and proposed that appropriateness is the priority in creation, taking space and other aspects into consideration, together with reasonable logic. All the alumni benefited a lot from dean’s delivery.

Then, they shared their experiences and feelings. Either in family or in career, did they harvest a lot in the past twenty years. After that, students fell into memories of the old time when hearing Xiahou Jianbin’s and Xu Wencai’s stories. Finally, the design teacher Huang Wen wished alumni a brighter future. The party ended up with a group photo for memory.

The reunion not only strengthened the relationship between teachers and students, but also strengthened the bond between the school and alumni, making the school more cohesive.