Shenzhen's First Alumni Weekend Salon Event

  • 2018/06/19
  • Branch Events

On 18th, March, a weekend salon event jointly hosted by Xiamen University Shenzhen Alumni Association and Shenzhen Research Institute was held in Shenzhen Virtual University Park, aiming to enhance the communication among the alumni in Shenzhen and contribute to the development of young alumni.



At the beginning, Qingxi Zheng, the deputy head of Shenzhen Research Institute, gave a basic introduction of the Institute. He said that the essential goal of the Institute in 2018 was to advance its service to Xiamen University, Shenzhen, and the alumni; it will continue to promote its system, organization and culture construction. At present, the institute mainly focuses on the three aspects: the integration of production, study and research, education and non-diploma education and training, and alumni service.


Mr. Zheng also talked about the future plans of the institute. He said that the "two sessions" had painted a beautiful blueprint for Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Bay Area. Based in Shenzhen, the Institute could well serve the development of the Greater Bay Area by employing the advantages of Xiamen University in the disciplines of finance, life sciences, marine exploration protection, intelligent science, and chemical materials. Mr. Zheng emphasized that the Institute would inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of its alma mater and give full play to its role as an platform. He pointed out that the Institute could offer alumni with venues for hosting salons, as well as seminars in different degrees. In addition, the Institute would also establish alumni talent tank, regularly organizing activities to invite outstanding alumni to share their successful experiences, and to bring more young people to brainstorm.




Alumni being present also shared their opinions freely. Some analyzed the circumstance of Shenzhen and what contributions alumni could make for Xiamen University and Shenzhen; some talked about their experiences in attending to the activities held by other alumni association; some confirmed the vision put forward by Mr. Zheng and so forth.