A Welcome Party and of Jiangsu Alumni Association, XMU

  • 2017/12/04
  • Branch Events


On October 29th , 2017, a welcome party and sodality hosted by Nanjing and Jiangsu Alumni Association of Xiamen University was held in Nanjing. More than 150 alumni from Xiamen University got together to communicate and share with each other their deep love for their Alma Mater with happiness and joy.

This event has attracted over 150 alumni from the class of 1979 to 2017 in Jiangsu Province. Zheng Yuanming the first president and Shao Zhiming, the former president of Nanjing and Jiangsu Alumni Association as well as those from Shanghai and Jiangsu including Xu Wencai, Huang Yimin, Pan Hanjun, Yuan Weiguo, Zhai Hongwen and Huang Yong took part in this party.

For every XMUer, “Bo Bing” (mooncake betting, a traditional game played during Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen) is not only a game for celebrating the festival, but also an activity to show their love for Xiamen University and recall their good old days in the campus. It is also the best way to welcome the new comers. Besides the traditional “Bo Bing” game, there was also a poker game: “Guandan” to let students experience the local culture of Jiangsu Province. This party featured with different kinds of activities, from the hiking around the lake in the morning and poker game in the afternoon to the welcome party at night which is a climax of the whole event for the day.

Chen Jianshen, president of Nanjing and Jiangsu Alumni Association, extended his warmest welcome to all the alumni present and best wishes to the newly-joined graduates of 2017, and then declared the opening of the welcome party.

In the next part, the new alumni came to the stage to introduce themselves one by one. They also won warm applause from their seniors. Many new comers declared that the alumni association made them have the sense of belongings.

Then the most important part of this gathering: “Bo Bing”, came after the welcome party. The pleasant silvery sound of the rolling-dice and cheers of winning or loss were heard everywhere in the hall. Everyone’s face was filled with happiness and excitement!

This activity ended with happiness and joy. For XMUers worldwide, it is the old days in Xiamen university that crave into their heart and never forget for a lifetime.