The 2016 Annual Meeting of Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association was Held Successfully

  • 2017/10/20
  • Branch Events

The 2016 annual meeting of Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association was held in Nanjing on December 13th. Teng Bogang, principal assistant of Xiamen University, Zeng Guobin, General Secretary of the General Alumni Association, Zhang Jianan, Executive Director of the General Alumni Association and director of the Office of Development and Planning attended the meeting alone with over 150 alumni from Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, Yancheng, Zhenjiang and Shanghai. The meeting started with everyone singing the school song in chorus.

Former director Shao Zhiming first introduced the work that Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association has done during his tenure. For the past a few years, the association has made great achievements, organizing lots of colorful activities and constantly strengthening the group cohesion of the alumni. In December, 2010, Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association hosted the 2nd Global Conference for Xiamen University Alumni Association Presidents & General Secretaries. This was the first time that such a conference was hosted by a local alumni association, the success of which was greatly praised by the Alma Mater, the General Alumni Association and other regional alumni associations. The recent change of the term of office has also attracted lots of young alumni who will surely bring more vitality to the association.

The third council of the association was elected during the meeting. Chen Jianshen, who graduated from Xiamen University in 1982 with a degree in international accounting, was elected director of Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association while Pan Zhenghai, an auditing major graduating in 1984, was elected General Secretary. Teng Bogang presented an award to the second and third director while Zeng Guobin and Zhang Jianan presented the alumni association flag to the new council.

The new director Chen Jianshen then made a speech, expressing his deep gratitude to the Alma Mater, the General Alumni Association, the former council and the alumni. He said that the new council would be focused more on the work concerning young alumni. He had no intention to make his job amazing but to make it touching. Apart from the regular activities, the association would organize more activities both online and off-line to make the alumni really feel at home in Nanjing. Representatives from Shanghai, Nantong and other alumni association also made speeches to show their attachment and gratitude toward the Alma Mater and their blessing to Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association.

Teng Bogang addressed to the alumni on behalf of Xiamen University. He introduced the latest developments and achievements of the Alma Mater, highly praised the regional alumni associations for their support and encouraged everyone to make more contributions to the “double first-rate construction” of Xiamen University. He pointed out that as a social organization, the alumni association should also devote themselves to the well-being of the society apart from serving the Alma Mater. He hoped that Jiangsu & Nanjing Alumni Association would integrate the alumni resources of Jiangsu Province, promote the cooperation between the university and different regions and that between the university and corporations, and actively build platforms for production, education and research, so as to provide knowledge, technology and wisdom to the development of the society.

The election was followed by lots of colorful and interesting activities: indoor parties, medical consultation, financial investment, legal aid, bachelor party and so on. The interesting introduction and witty remarks of the activity group leaders attracted many alumni. Laughter ran through the meeting hall and everyone was so excited talking with one another.

The meeting was so brief for the alumni that they had already hoped to gather again before the meeting came to its end.