The 2016 Annual Meeting and Welcome Party of Shenzhen Alumni Association was Held

  • 2017/10/20
  • Branch Events

The 2016 annual meeting and welcome party of Shenzhen Alumni Association of Xiamen University was held at Shenzhen Civil Center on November 13th. Lin Dongwei, vice Party Secretary of XMU and vice-director of the General Alumni Association, Huang Liangkuai, honorary member of the General Alumni Association, Liu Xingjun, Dean of College of Materials, and Shi Huixia, vice secretary of the General Alumni Association, were invited to the meeting. This party gathered over 500 alumni, including Zhuo Qinrui, former deputy mayor of Shenzhen, Chen Juncong, honorary president of Shenzhen Alumni Association, and representatives of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao Alumni Association.

On behalf of the Alma Mater and the General Alumni Association, Lin Dongwei expressed his congratulations on the success of the meeting. He highly praised the achievements that Shenzhen Alumni Association has made in serving alumni, the Alma Mater and the society and also congratulated the association on its receiving the honorary title of “Excellent Alumni Association”. He emphasized that a first-rate university is inseparable from first-rate alumni work. For an aspiring and responsible university, alumni work is no less important than its development. What the strong wings to the roc, that the support of alumni to the advancement of the Alma Mater.

Just as Shenzhen is the forefront of our nation’s opening up, Lin said, a university also has its social responsibility to shoulder. It should share the responsibility of making the world a better place, which requires the support of the alumni. He hoped that the alumni of Xiamen University would keep such a responsibility in mind and try their best to do a better job, supporting the development of the Alma Mater as well as that of Shenzhen, doing their part for the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, the happiness of the people and the progress of the world and the human civilization.

Sun Xiaoli, director of Shenzhen Alumni Association, gave her warm welcome to the over 300 new arrivals, hoping that these young alumni would show more initiative and talent while working in Shenzhen, making contributions to the development of the city and winning honor for the Alma Mater. She then gave a brief report of the work the association had done in recent years, promising to build it into a warm home for the alumni in Shenzhen. She said the association would bring forth new ideas and gather more strength to serve the alumni, such as the establishment of the “Help Fund” which aims at helping the young alumni to find a better job and have more access to medical care.

Lin Dongwei, Huang Liangkuai and Sun Xiaoli presented a donation certificate to those who actively donated to the Alma Mater during its 95th anniversary.

Yangfeng, representative of the graduates in 2012, also made a speech during the meeting. He expressed his attachment to the university and also the warmth he received in Shenzhen. He said he never felt he was living far away from the school because the alumni in this city gave him so much help and advice no matter in his daily life or at work.

There was also a salon named “Entrepreneurship and Employment”. Guowei, CEO of Max Media, who graduated from the Finance Department of Xiamen University in 1997, made a speech titled “How to seize the opportunity in an era of entrepreneurship”. Chenwei, chairman of Oriental Fortune Capital, who graduated from the Accounting Department in 1994, also made a speech of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” to share his experiences. Five guests, including Sun Xiaoli, Liu Youliang, Chenwei, Guowei and Zheng Lipeng, talked with the alumni about how to develop better in Shenzhen, which was much applauded for the wise remarks.

Shenzhen is one of the cities that receive a large number of graduates of Xiamen University every year. For the last a few years, Shenzhen Alumni Association has combined the institution’s annual meeting with the welcome party, reporting the work of last year and also providing a platform for the young to better integrate themselves into this “alumni family”, which is greatly welcomed by the alumni in Shenzhen.