Beijing's Hiking Gathering in Celebrating the 97th Anniversary of XMU

  • 2018/06/19
  • Branch Events

On 7th April 2018, Beijing Alumni Association held a hiking activity in the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing in order to celebrate the 97th anniversary of Xiamen University. More than 100 alumni attended this reunion.



At 3 pm, the gathering started with an opening remark by Zhendong Guo, the vice president as well as the general secretary of Beijing Alumni Association. Mr. Guo introduced to the audience the annual activities of Beijing Alumni Association and he earnestly encouraged that more and more alumni could participate in the reunions organized by the association. Afterwards, there was a lucky draw section. 30 alumni won the third prize, each getting a sports arm bag; 40 the second prize, each a brand T-shirt; 10 the first prize, each an MIUI power bank; there was also special award, the prizes being soccer shoes, basketball shoes and Quidway sports earphones, and most notably, two newly made signets with the motto of Xiamen University inscribed on them. Besides, other alumni also received a gift from the association.





Next, all the alumni led by two representatives, sang the alma mater altogether paying tribute to Xiamen University. After the chorus, they took a picture together. What followed was the game session during which the participants enjoyed themselves a lot with a sense of closeness increased among them.


Looking forward to next-year’s reunion, the hiking gathering held by Beijing Alumni Association in the name of celebrating the 97th anniversary ended.