The 3rd Alumni Football Tournament Held in Honour of the 97th Anniversary of XMU

  • 2018/06/19
  • GAA Highlights


From April 6th to 7th, during the celebration of the 97th anniversary of Xiamen University, the 3rd Alumni Football Tournament of “Jun Hao Cup” sponsored by the Alumni Association was held at Yanwu and Shangyu playgrounds. Shimo Pan, vice president of Xiamen University Alumni Association attended the opening ceremony and kicked off for the game. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Secretary-General of the Alumni Association, Guobin Zeng.

As addressed by Mr. Pan, the football match has developed into a tradition to celebrate the anniversaries of Xiamen University. With the support of Xiamen University Alumni Association, local Alumni Associations as well as some alumni enterprises, the football tournament has expanded greatly such as illustrated by the increasing numbers of participating teams.

This year's Alumni Football Tournament was started with a performance of cheerleaders. There were 15 Alumni Association teams and more than 300 alumni participants from Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, Xiamen, Sichuan, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Guizhou, Fuzhou, Hunan, Liaoning, Yunnan, and Hainan, EMBA. After two days of fierce competition, the Xiamen alumni team won the championship. The Hainan alumni team finished runner-up and the Yunnan alumni team finished third.



In addition to the traditional Champions League trophy, this year the organizing committee has also set up special awards such as fair competition awards, football players, best shooters, and best goalkeepers and so forth to enrich the organization of the game and increase the enthusiasm of alumni. After all the competition has ended, there was the award ceremony.

After the ceremony, Mr. Pan said that in the next year’s event, there should be additional team competition modes that vary in age and in grade so that more and more alumni can enjoy themselves.


After years of experimentation, the alumni football tournament has become one of the featured alumni activities during each year’s anniversary celebration. It is widely advocated by a large number of alumni, and the scale of participation has been increasing year by year. Talking about its outcome, this activity has largely enriched the alumni's leisure life, increased the exchanges between alumni and strengthened the bond between the alumni and their alma mater, Xiamen University.