Meeting in Pujiang, Accumulating Strength for Future Development—the 6th Global Conference for Xiamen University Alumni Association Presidents, Secretary-generals and Alumni Representatives

  • 2018/07/13
  • GAA Highlights


On May 19th, the 6th global conference for Xiamen University Alumni Association presidents, secretary-generals and alumni representatives was held in Pujiang, Shanghai, on the theme of “Supporting the ‘Double Tops’ Construction of the alma mater, building up a refulgent Xiamen University before its centennial anniversary”. There were more than 200 alumni representatives from 91 alumni associations throughout the globe attending the meeting who were gathering together to deliberate the advancement of their alma mater and the celebration of its centennial anniversary. The conference was organized by Shanghai Alumni Association and CIFI Group.



The conference started with all the alumni representatives chanting the school anthem. After that, Zhang Rong, the president of Xiamen University, addressed the meeting, introducing the accomplishments Xiamen University has made in recent years and then expressing the gratitude to the alumni who have showed many concerns and supports to the development of this university. Zhang Rong asserted that Xiamen University enjoyed a distinct cultural tradition in honor of its founding father. Besides, in the past centennial years’ development, it had formed “four spirits” – patriotic, revolutionary, self-improving and scientific spirits, motivating the pupils to thrive in their growth. Due to its unique cultural environment and traditions, Xiamen University had cultivated a unique character, namely, “gratefulness, openness, innovation and harmony”, which together with the “four spirits”, was the most significant spiritual fortune of this institution, serving as an encouragement for both the staff and the students to keep making progress, and also a deep affectional connection between the alumni and their alma mater.


Then, Zhang Rong pointed it out that alumni work was an important part of the development of an university and alumni were essential participants in the course of a university’ progress. Therefore, we should attach much importance to alumni work, incorporate it into the schooling system, and actively guide alumni in various ways to provide more support for the university in terms of talent introduction, talent cultivation, cooperation between on campus and off campus, and achievement transformation. He also said that the target of alumni work was not limited to alumni who had academic or working relationship with Xiamen University. Those who have had connection with XMU in any kinds through the history of XMU should be included in the broad scope of the alumni work. We should further expanding the influence of XMU among alumni and in the society, rendering alumni providing a steady stream of momentum for the development of the school. It was hoped that the alumni associations at all levels would establish the concept of “serving alumni and growing with their alma mater”, constantly deepening reforms, innovating forms of management, exploring humane and individualized services, and earnestly improving the ability to serve alumni. Besides, Mr. Zhang said that it was necessary to pay attention to foster among students feelings of being future alumni to further establish the students' sense of belonging, honor, and mission to the school, strengthen the alumni association’s cultural construction function, and form a unique Xiamen University alumni culture.

Zhang Rong concluded that the 100th anniversary of Xiamen University would not only be a grand celebration, but also a good chance to review the 100-year history and the first 100-year goal of the university. It would also be a mobilization for the re-starting horn and the new journey. He hoped that the alumni could make great efforts to offer their suggestions for the centennial celebration of this university, the local alumni associations closely uniting with the alumni to promote the culture of XMU and walking hand in hand with their alma mater to celebrate its 100th anniversary with excellent work and remarkable results.




Next, the Pujiang Forum was held. Firstly, three eminent alumni, Sun Yafu, former deputy director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and vice president of the Cross-Strait Relations Association, Wang Jianhua, President of the Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association, Chairman of the Shanghai Alumni Association, and Xie Weihe, former Vice President of Tsinghua University, respectively delivered a speech on “Current Situation in the Taiwan Strait”, “A Brief Talk on Financial Science and Technology” and “Strategic Options for “Double Tops” Construction of Xiamen University”. Mr. Sun proposed that confronting the currently complex situation in the Taiwan Strait, firstly, we should adhere to the “one China” principle and the “1992 consensus”; secondly, guided by the concept of “One family”, we should expand cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation; thirdly, we should determinedly oppose the "Taiwan independence" secessionist act and safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Mr. Wang pointed out that technology was closely connected with finance. Technological innovation would keep prompting financial revolution and facilitating the efficiency of the financial industry. Mr. Xie thought that universities should consider the goal and direction of the construction of first-class universities from the following three aspects: “society service”, "talent cultivation" and “discipline construction”. He believed that based on historical and practical considerations, combining regional and cultural advantages, Xiamen University should strive to become an influential world-class university which could provide high-quality talent training and social services for Southeast Asian countries and regions, in the process of which the support and participation of alumni were highly needed.

In addition, the alumni at the conference were divided into five groups to discuss the “Double Tops” construction and the centennial celebration of their alma mater. They shared a belief that the 100th anniversary could help to further expand the social reputation and international influence of Xiamen University, and to promote the construction of a first-rate university. Meantime, through the construction of a first-class university, it was necessary to constantly enhance the first-rate awareness and abilities of teachers, students, and alumni. Alumni should inherit XMU spirits, transforming their gratitude into practical actions to promote the development of their alma mater, contributing their strength to the first-class construction of their alma mater.



Later, Zhu Chongshi, the president of the Alumni Association of Xiamen University and the former president of XMU, said that the socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and Xiamen University has also marched into a new period of development. The construction of “Double Tops” required the guidance and support of the central and local governments and relevant departments, the combining efforts of the teachers and students of a university and the contribution of the alumni. He hoped that on the one hand, the alumni would manage to make accomplishments in their own field, increasing the social reputation of their alma mater, and on the other hand, continue to support the development of XMU, contributing to its first-class construction.



Then, Zhan Xinli, the vice president of the Alumni Association of Xiamen University, announced the commendation decision. Shanghai Alumni Association, Guangdong Alumni Association, Shenzhen Alumni Association, Fuzhou Alumni Association, Zhangzhou Alumni Association, Sichuan Alumni Association, Ningxia Alumni Association, Wenzhou Alumni Association, Hong Kong Alumni Association, British Alumni Association, US Silicon Valley Alumni Association, Singapore Alumni Association, The Melbourne Alumni Association and the New Zealand Alumni Association won the second "Global Outstanding Alumni Association"; Liaoning Alumni Association, Dalian Alumni Association, Shaanxi Alumni Association, Guizhou Alumni Association, Hainan Alumni Association, Chaoshan Alumni Association, Taizhou Alumni Association, Macau Alumni Association, The Australian Alumni Association, the Japan Alumni Association, the French Alumni Association, the Beijing Alumni Association Youth Work Committee, the Xiamen Alumni Association Entrepreneurs Association, and the Confucius Institute Alumni Association of the Thai Empress Dowater University won the honorary title of “ Characteristic Alumni Association”.



Finally, Zhang Yan, the Communist Party secretary of Xiamen University, on behalf of the school, thanked again the alumni representatives for their efforts and enthusiastic participation. He said that this conference was very significant in paralleling the continued advancement of the "Double Tops" construction, the initiation of the eleventh party congress, and the preparation of the hundredth anniversary ceremony of Xiamen University. Based on the in-depth communication and exchanges between the school and the alumni in regards to the planning of the first-rate university building, and the suggestions provided by the alumni concerning the “Double Tops” construction and the 100-year anniversary, the university would take serious consideration of the alumni's opinions, fully employ the alumni resources to promote the development of Xiamen University. Now, China has entered into a new era and Xiamen University is facing the task of the “Double Tops” construction. Mr. Zhang hoped that the alumni could function as a bridge between their alma mater and the society, actively participate in the development of the university, and work together with the school to render XMU a first rate institution. Alumni organizations of all levels should continue to work hard based on their previous work, keep improving its capability, and strive to provide first-rate services for the alumni, building an efficient alumni working system.