A Tribute to Tan Kah Kee by Xiamen University: XMU Alumni Entrepreneurs and Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra Visit XMUM

  • 2018/06/19
  • GAA Highlights

Xiamen Alumni Association Entrepreneur Branch of Xiamen University (XMU) and Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra paid a visit to Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) on 2 March 2018, and treated XMUM students and staff to a feast of music – a concert titled “A Tribute to Tan Kah Kee by Xiamen University”.

Over 80 alumni entrepreneurs toured the campus and made generous donations, i.e. Mr Zeng Tong and Mr Yao Ming donated RMB 2 million and 2 buses to XMUM respectively. Prof. Wang Ruifang, the President of XMUM, expressed earnest gratitude to the two alumni during the donation ceremony held in the afternoon. Mr Zeng and Mr Yao both gave inspiring speeches to the audiences, which greatly moved and encouraged XMUM students and staff. 


After the donation ceremony, a Malaysia-China Entrepreneur Meeting was held to offer a platform for XMU alumni entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia to deepen mutual understanding and to explore business opportunities together. XMUM students and staff were invited to attend and benefited from the entrepreneurs’ insightful remarks.

Prof. Zhu Chongshi, the former president of XMU and the president of XMU General Alumni Association, then delivered a special speech on “The Belt and Road Initiative and the Globalization of Chinese Higher Education”.

When the evening fell, the “A Tribute to Tan Kah Kee by Xiamen University” concert was performed by Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra in front of the Main Building, offering XMU students and alumni from all over the world an opportunity to celebrate Lantern Festival together.

As a high-level symphony orchestra well known in China, Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra is honoured to be a “Bronzing City Card” of Xiamen. Mr Fu Renchang, an internationally acclaimed conductor, serves as the orchestra’s Artistic Director and Principal Conductor. This symphony concert enabled XMUM staff and students to appreciate a world-class performance on campus for free. 


The special highlight of the concert was the symphonic poem “Chen Jiageng”. It extolled the great contributions to education made by Mr Tan Kah Kee, the founder of XMU, and his noble spirit. As Prof. Zhu Chongshi has said, it is “a historic reciprocation” for XMU to set up a campus in Malaysia where Mr. Tan Kah Kee enjoyed an illustrious career. Performing the symphonic poem “Chen Jiageng” at XMUM is of unusual significance. It encouraged the students to inherit the “Tan Kah Kee Spirit”, to bear in mind the university motto “Pursue Excellence; Strive for Perfection”, to achieve academic excellence, and to become young talents with dignity and wisdom who will make contribution to the prosperity of the people and social progress of Malaysia, China and Southeast Asia.

During this visit, XMUM is also honoured to appoint Mr Fang Yi, President of Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, as its guest professor. Mr Fang will help the university to cultivate an appreciation of music among the students and to increase the artistic atmosphere of the campus.