The Tune of XMU Lingering in Beijing

  • 2017/12/04
  • GAA Highlights


On the night of November 13th, World Peace Night Symphony was performed at the Concert Hall in the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing

, ceremoniously and successfully. During the 29th International Week of Science and Peace, at the invitation of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, Xiamen University Symphony Orchestra and Chorus gave this wonderful performance, which was hosted by the Chinese Culture Promotion Society and the General Alumni Association of XMU, with the help of Beijing Alumni Association of XMU. Gao Zhanxiang, honorary chairman of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, Zhang Yan, Party Secretary of XMU, Zhu Chongshi, chairman of General Alumni Association, XMU, Lin Dongwei, vice Party Secretary of XMU, Wu Daguang and Zhan Xinli, two of our vice presidents have attended this activity. Alumni from Beijing and all over the country and people from all circles of society were also present at this concert.

Huang fei acted as the conductor for this concert. Great and magnificent, Long Live the World Peace was the first one to be performed, which expressed people’s good will for peace and harmony. Zhang Yalun, who is our distinguished foreign professor and has been awarded numerous prizes in many international vocal competitions,was selected to lead this chorus.

After that, there followed a soprano solo: I Love You, China! that showed Chinese people’s deep love toward China completely. Red Lotus in South Lake responded to our Party and our people’s pursuit of the Chinese dream. The baritone solo: Ode to the Yellow River was the most compelling song which praised the selfless spirit of our mother river who has encouraged her children to fight and strive for freedom and happiness relentlessly. Ode to the Lotus took lotus as a righteous man to show the audience a world without corruption. With the beautiful melody, people saw a new life of happiness in the Blue Dream. And the forth chapter of Pursuing Excellence drew a great picture for our national rejuvenation!

“As summer goes and winter comes, everything is gay and fresh. The great spirit of our late scholars has been recorded in the Qunxian Complex...” Song of XMUers impressed the audience with the great spirit of the students in XMU that has encouraged them to advance courageously!

The second half began with the Ode to Aeronautics and Astronautics, which was filled with the glorification for our nation’s aeronautics and astronautics career. As is known to us all that our aeronautics and astronautics career began from nothing and has been developed step by step and made great achievements which arouses the attention from the world. Ode to peace is a combination of recitation and chorus. In its great and comfortable melodies, the two works expressed the deep theme of science and peace and the mutual will for creating a community of shared future for mankind. The concert ends with the song of Kulangsu Waves.


The compelling tune and charming songs have been lingering in the National Centre for the Performing Arts for a long time. Faculty members and students in Xiamen University expressed their deep love for our great Party and country and delivered their mutual will for the lasting peace of the world!

After this performance, many audience waited here and recollected this wonder experience.

Lin Mengzhong was the class of 1947. He was accompanied by his son to attend this concert. He said, “So many years have passed, I have grown from a young boy to a grandfather. But my love for our Alma Mater has never changed and the lessons she has told, I never forget.”

Wang Yong, director of  Policy Research Office in Confucius Institute Headquarters, expressed, “ There is no boundary between countries in a musical world. This concert given by Xiamen University combines both the Chinese and Western elements, which is very marvelous and compelling.” All human beings’ good will for peace and expectation of creating a community of shared future are best expressed in this concert.

Xiamen University Symphony Orchestra and Chorus have kept on highlighting the central theme of the times and advocating the positive campus culture, which have produced a series of popular works. They have participated into many large cultural exchange performances at home and abroad. This September, they successfully finished their performance in the BRICS Xiamen Summit, which was highly recognized by all parties.

Celebrated during the week of November 11th ,(UN)International Week of Science and Peace that was decided by the General Assembly of the United Nations, in 1988, highlights the scientific spirit and peaceful development. It has been hold for 18 sessions. The theme of this session is “working together to establish a common community of safety, stability, prosperity and development.”


Editor: Ouyang Guilian

Photographer: Pan Wanghua