XMUers Worldwide Sheshi Shuhao: Sowing Charitable Seeds Reaping Blessed Brilliance

  • 2017/10/19
  • XMUers Worldwide
In 1986, She Mingpei, a notable alumnus of XMU, famous Philippine industrialist and patriotic overseas Chinese, donated to build the first modern integrated gymnasium of XMU——Mingpei Gymnasium in Siming Campus.

Brief Introduction:

 In 1986, She Mingpei, a notable alumnus of XMU, famous Philippine industrialist and patriotic overseas Chinese, donated to build the first modern integrated gymnasium of XMU——Mingpei Gymnasium in Siming Campus. In 2012, at the 91st Anniversary of XMU, his widow,Sheshi Shuhao contributed to another modern natatorium supported by solar energy——She Mingpei Natatorium in Xiang’an Campus. From the above, it is easy to see that the Shes have a deep feeling for their country and Alma mater.


Being Grateful , Pioneering the Wind of Education Donation


It is said that Mr. She was born from a poor family, and then dropped out of high school. Later he experienced many ups and downs in business.That is why he valued the educational opportunity so much and deeply felt that education was the cornerstone of national development and rejuvenation. Mr.She devoted his whole life to develop the culture and educational career and spared no efforts to promote the friendly exchanges between China and Philippines. In 1957, Mr.She was enrolled into the Department of Chinese, Overseas Education College of Xiamen University. And this experience became an indispensable part of his life.


In 1985, when Mr.She roamed around the campus with Huang Liangkuai,  director of General Affairs in XMU and his senior fellow apprentice Ke Fangnan, he leaned that the faculty and students had no place to strengthen their bodies. So he promised to raise money to build a gymnasium. After coming back to Philippines, Mr.She wrote to the school council that after careful consideration, he and his wife, Shi Shuhao decided to donate one million yuan for the construction, in order to make humble efforts for the development of the country’s education and his Alma mater ’s construction.


In April 6th, 1986, the ground-breaking ceremony of the gymnasium began and in the next year the construction officially started. Unfortunately, Mr.She was assassinated nearby his residence in Manila, Philippines, in May 9th, 1988. All circles of society were shocked and shared a strong sense of grief. Shuhao hardened herself against feeling deep sorrow and struggled to manage his husband’s business and fulfill his will to finish the construction of the gymnasium. Finally, Mingpei Gymnasium was completed successfully in April, 1990. Over the past 30 years, Mingpei Gymnasium has provided thousands of XMUer with first-class equipment to strengthen their body and supported various activities for XMU prosperously.


 On the ribbon cutting ceremony, Shuhao gave her speech with a mixed feeling of cheer and grief: “ When Mingpei was still alive, he repeatedly emphasized that his ability was limited and his shabby donation served as a minnow aiming for a whale.”  Therefore, Mingpei became the first overseas alumnus of XMU whose donation has been over million and waged a wave of raising money to make XMU thrive among Philippine Chinese.


Being Influenced, Sowing the seed of Charitable Deeds


Shuhao has devoted herself into philanthropy over the years, which can be traced back to his family tradition of benevolence. Shuhao was born in Manila, Philippines in 1939, with eight sisters and brothers. Her ancestral home was in Shishi, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. She accepted her education at Chiang Kai Shek College and  graduated from the Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University. Shuhao’s father was the first generation of immigrants. Though he died at an early age, his reputation for benevolence, industriousness and responsibility had deeply influenced Shuhao in the future.


 In 1965, Shuhao and Mingpei got married. They managed their business together and raised children carefully. Her father-in-law, Mr.She Wenshan was very considerate and warmhearted. Every time he returned his hometown, he would stay here for a long time and  send money towards his relatives and fellowmen. Mr.She Mingpei showed great foresight and founded the Philippine-Chinese Friendship Association before the establishment of Chinese-Philippine diplomatic relations. He firmly believed that China would be unified eventually and adhered to support Philippine Chinese Teaching and the education development of China and his Alma mater. Therefore, Shuhao also shared a strong sense of attachment towards her country and Xiamen University.


After Mingpei’s passing away, in order to fulfill his last will, Shuhao and her families founded the “ She Mingpei Memorial Foundation” to aid the poverty-stricken college students in Philippines, and the first “She Family’s Chinese Language Teachers Awards”.They also made great efforts to support the Philippine Chinese Education Research Center.


In 1998, the She Family generously contributed lots of money to support the  building of “Pen-Tung Sah Research and Education Foundation”; In 2007, they raised money to build the Mingpei Building for Fujian Normal University; In 2015, Shuhao put money to build 10 schools in the mountainous area, at the invitation of Fujian Education Commission. “ I’m so happy to have  received children’s papers and reports. I hope I can witness their growth in person.”  From her words and actions, it is easy to see her passion for philanthropy.


Being Instructive, Inheriting the Beauty of Chinese Culture

Nowadays, Shuhao is surrounded by her grandsons and granddaughters and enjoys family warmness sweetly. Mentioning her two sons and three daughters, Shuhao is full of proud and expectations, “ They all build their own career, have happy families and care for charity.”


In order to cultivate their excellent character and decent behavior, Shuhao played a role of strict mother during her children’s growth. After their growing up, she chose respect and trust and totally trusted them with family business. That’s why their company still thrives and prospers.


 Shuhao persists in making her grandchildren accept Chinese education and put the spirit of working hard for the public good into their practice. She sent them to learn in the Chinese Language School to learn Chinese and Hokkienese, to encourage them to learn in the mainland or Taiwan during summer vocation to experience the tremendous changes of Chinese society and the beauty of Chinese culture. She also led them to visit the Mingpei Gymnasium, Mingpei Building and some places they built with donations. She hopes that her children and grandchildren could sow the charitable seeds in their own heart and later on these seeds would sprout and grow into towering trees.


Just as Shuhao said, “No matter where they are , all Philippine Chinese will never forget their country’s upbringing. She would spare no efforts to inherit the traditional Chinese Culture and make contributions for the Chinese-Philippine culture communication.” This shows Shuhao’s perseverance and sticking to her original mind.


Editor: Zhang Wenbo from Xiamen University Alumni Association;

        Fu Lei from College of Foreign Languages and cultures, XMU.