A Proposal for Collecting Academic Materials from Alumni Worldwide for “XMU Wenku”

  • 2017/11/10
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Respected fellows:


Since the founding of Xiamen University, it has been over 90 years with numerous excellent teachers and students gathering and plowing on the soil of science and knowledge. XMU alumni have been contributing to the world’s social and economic development with their wisdom and strength in various fields and industries.

In order to inherit our alumni culture, exhibit our alumni’s achievements and inspire our juniors’ interests in academics, our school library aided by Beijing Alumni Association collected the academic materials from alumni,faculties and students, and established the “Jade Hall” in our library. This “Jade Hall” is equipped with specialized website, which preserves and enables easy and open access to all types of digital content. Our library’s collections are limited while XMUers’ achievements are limitless. Based on this reality, the General Alumni Association and the Xiamen University Library made the following proposal to collect academic materials from our alumni.


1. Targeted Donors

All the alumni who once have studied or worked in Xiamen University are our targeted donors. We also sincerely invite the relatives of our late alumni to donate their academic materials.


2. What We Expect for this Collection

Any kinds of academic materials, including books, translations, co-edited works, teaching materials, lecture notes, biographies, diaries, notes, certificates, drawings,courseware, articles, manuscripts, speech drafts, address videos, pictures, photographs, news reports and other graphic and audio-visual information are expected for this collection. If the materials you or your relatives want to donate are being in use or planned to be collected by yourselves, our library could also copy them in a digital file first, and then give them back to yourselves in time.


3. Notice for Donation

(1) Because we will collect your materials permanently, it is of great importance to leave your own signature. We sincerely hope that you can leave your signature, epigraphs and seals, engraving “Donation for XMU Wenku”. Meanwhile, your CV, including name, place of birth, sex, date of birth, working or studying time and related position in XMU, academic degree and tittle, and contact information, is needed for our propaganda and update.

(2) The degree of openness will be adjusted, according to your requirements. All the academic materials will be catalogued and collected by our library, in order to satisfy readers’ needs. We will also hold displays for special topics at some unfixed time and digitalize your works, at the aim of establishing your own resource center, like Lin Yutang Memorial Room. Moreover, we will send you the certificate of honor and card for memory to express our thanks.

4. Contact us

Department of Special Collections in Xiamen University Libraries (No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China. 361005)

Su Haichao




Heartfelt thanks for your great contribution to the development of our academic career!


The General Alumni Association of XMU

The Xiamen University Library