Working System of Grade Liaison Officers for Graduates of Xiamen University

  • 2017/10/19
  • Notice

First, the selection of liaison officers in graduating classes

1. Selection Methods:

Colleges should select candidates from graduates (including undergraduates, masters, and PhDs) through democratic recommendation, open selection and discussion.

2. Selection Criteria:

2.1 Willing to provide services for students;

2.2 Actively participating in university, college or class activities, playing an active role in the activities;

2.3 Possessing strong organizational skills, affinity and great charisma in class.

3. Selection number:

1-3 liaison officer recommended per class: 1 liaison officer for classes within 30 students; 2 liaison officers for classes between 30 and 60 students; 3 liaison officers for classes with more than 60 students.

4. Implementation Steps:

4.1 The college should select liaison officers in accordance with the selection criteria and the number of requests;

4.2 The college should send the information of the selected grade liaison officer to Secretariat of the General Alumni Association for record;

4.3 The university should hold a general assembly for grade liaison officers; letters of appointment will be issued to each grade liaison officer;

4.4 Grade liaison officer should download “Xiamen University Alumni Information Registration Form” at the General Alumni Association homepage. After filling in the detailed information, the grade liaison officer should send the form back to the General Alumni Association E-mail:


Second, the rights and obligations of the grade liaison officers:

1. Rights

1.1 Priority to obtain relevant publications and information of the General Alumni Association;

1.2 Opportunity to participate in the selection of “excellent liaison officers of Xiamen University”;

1.3 May be recommended by General Alumni Association with priority. After graduation, the grade liaison officers could become alumni Council candidate in his/her region.

2. Obligations

2.1 Responsible for issuing General Alumni Association of Xiamen University graduation card to other students;

2.2 Responsible for collecting contact information of the class, assisting the university to track alumni information, updating the class address book once a year, and sending feedback to the General Alumni Association in electronic format.

3. Forward “Xiamen University Alumni Newsletter” e-magazine and alma mater activities information to fellow students; send feedback on alumni needs to the university;

4. Promote contact among alumni and conversation between alumni and the alma mater; timely provide dynamic information and outstanding achievements to the General Alumni Association;

5. Help to promote the General Alumni Association website: